Zero Point Data Innovative FileMaker Solutions

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Kippax is a Swiss motorcycle parts distributor for whom I have built a FileMaker 12 based stock and invoicing solution.

This solution works in 4 currencies, automatically reserves stock on provisional invoices and works from an orders screen allowing easy identification of stock which needs to be bought in.

Kippax is also an interesting in that we have a very productive working relationship but have never met in person proving that FileMaker development can be done effectively from anywhere.

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Valleys Kids

Valleys Kids is a Welsh charity working with disadvantaged children ( For them I have done an innovative barcode system for reading membership cards which has FileMaker doing two things at the same time! Actually, the technique doesn't have FileMaker doing two things at the same time (so it is a bit of a trick) but it does work very well.

For Valleys Kids I also did a huge sort out of old data. Sorting out old data is not the most glamourous job but it is necessary and is a job I have lots of experience with.

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The Black Consultancy

The Black Consultancy is a group of consultants specialising in cost containment for television advertisements.

For the Black Consultancy, I developed a comprehensive job management system keeping track of myriad details for a large number of jobs each one of which is unique. The system features a "homepage" where each user can see their jobs and daily tasks. Also featured is a complex importation of budgetary information in Excel format and very complex reporting featuring advanced charts.

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The Stagecoach Agency

The Stagecoach Agency is a subsidiary of the Stagecoach School, a performing arts school for children aged 4 to 20. Stagecoach School is a nationwide organization with more than 40,000 children enrolled of which 2,100 are signed up with the agency.

The Stagecoach Agency undertakes to find performing arts roles (adverts, shows etc) for these children. Enrolment is on an annual basis which creates an administration challenge each year as over 2000 individual children are individually met and evaluated by the agency.

For The Stagecoach Agency I developed a comprehensive administration system for approximately 10 users which:
  • Tracks all casting opportunities/auditions and roles and matches them to both successful and unsuccessful children.
  • Creates automatic reporting for uploading to the agency website.
  • Downloads and automatically processes new registrations at the agency website.

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OpticBox was (and is) a retail practice management system for UK opticians. It includes:
  • A graphical appointment diary.
  • Patient records with automatic creation of fully merged recall letters.
  • Complete point of sale including bar code scanning and receipt printing.
  • Stock management.
  • Extensive reporting.

I am no longer involved with OpticBox and the product is no longer being sold at this point in time though there are still a number of users of the system.

You can download an OpticBox brochure
here. was my first customer back in 2001. They were a Cheltenham based notebook computer retailer selling new and used notebook computers.

Over the following 5 years I developed and extended an extensive FileMaker based system for:
  • Invoicing
  • Stock Control
  • Checking in Used Stock
  • Quality Control of Used Stock
  • Servicing/Repair