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Webhosting FileMaker Server

Over the last few months I have really embraced this. If you haven’t tried it you should. It is a great solution for many situations.

What does this mean? Simply it means locating FileMaker Server and your database(s) on the internet with a web host. I use and have been very happy with the service and speed. You connect to the server using FileMaker Pro just as on a local network.

This has a number of great advantages and, of course, a big disadvantage which is that if your broadband isn’t working you won’t be able to access your database. That’s potentially a big disadvantage but I have found, in practice, that it doesn’t happen often and doesn’t last long.

In fact, I am now using this configuration for ALL my development. This lets me work with FileMaker Server all the time which is, I think, a great way to develop and using a web hosted server I can work at home or other locations. In fact, I no longer have a FileMaker Server machine in the office having sold it to a client.

What are the advantages from user’s point of view?
-The biggest one is that it breaks the geographical link to your office and local area network. In this environment the database works wherever you have a decent connection to the internet. This is a great way to work with salespeople in the field or multiple offices.
-Another advantage is that it saves the cost of purchasing your own copy of FileMaker Server as this is included in the hosting. Ditto to the cost of the server machine.

My favourite advantage though is that it is also a great way to make your FileMaker developer happy ;-) Why is this? The answer is that it is just much, much faster than using remote access software such as to make changes. This lets me get more done for my clients which makes everyone happier.

So give it a try! You won’t regret it.