Zero Point Data Innovative FileMaker Solutions

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10 Quick Facts
  1. I have a small office in Tintern and can see the Tintern Abbey out of my window.
  2. Before becoming a developer in 2001 I worked in sales for a German compiler company.
  3. Zero Point is my second company - I sold my first company Timebox Solutions Ltd to a competitor (Ocuco) in April 2007. With Timebox I developed a commercial solution for UK opticians.
  4. I am actually from Colorado but have lived in the UK since 1994.
  5. Yes. The weather is much better in Colorado! 330 sunny days a year.
  6. No. I am not moving back to Colorado anytime soon. 3 kids you know.
  7. Yes I am a skier.
  8. I was born on February 29 (leap year) which is an endless source of fun for my 3 children.
  9. My wife is a GP in Chepstow. She hates computers.
  10. The name Zero Point comes from the idea of Zero Point Energy and my interest in science. In fact, I have degree in chemistry. You can learn more at Wikipedia: