Zero Point Data Innovative FileMaker Solutions

Struggling with your data? I can help.

My name is Chris Van Buren and Zero Point is my consulting and database development company. My mission is to add heaps of value to your business by planning, building and supporting database solutions that work the way your business works.

I can help by:

  • Starting small and building on what you have. Every business has existing data systems even if they are just scraps of paper. An evolutionary approach is a practical approach.
  • Costing less. I build data systems using one of the most productive development tools in the World - FileMaker. It is my not very secret weapon allowing me to do much more for much less.
  • Delivering reliable systems. Everyone (including me) hates bugs. FileMaker, being a scripted environment, means far fewer bugs and also allow me to fix bugs in minutes keeping your system working for your business. Changes can even be made live without disrupting other users.
  • Offering ongoing support. I’ve been in this business since 2001 and will still be in it in 2021. I am a reliable partner for your business and have alliances with other independent developers to deliver support 24/7/364.
Why Zero Point?

  • I believe in practical solutions. I am a business person and not just a techie!
  • I have a track record of success in a variety of sectors.
  • I am willing to work with you on a variety of contractual terms and I will respect your budget.
  • I am a long term member of the FileMaker Business Alliance and am Filemaker 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11 and 10 Certified.

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The best way to learn more is to just give me a call. I don’t bite and am very happy to talk through your requirements and give you my honest opinions. Even if you don’t choose to go with Zero Point you may still learn something useful.